Agricultural Farm Doors

Agricultural Farm Doors Can Be Found in Stunning Locations

Like many customers with Agricultural Farm Doors throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey, Lotinga is lucky to be situated in the beautiful Highsted Valley,

Agricultural Farm Doors

Older premises often have sliding barn doors installed, which have been there for many years.

Problems are found with these barn doors.  Firstly; if not kept regularly maintained, rust and debris can build up within the floor tracks, hindering the operation of the door.  Secondly; quite often barn doors are manualy operated, and can be heavy doors to push aside.

In addition; wall space is required to allow the agricultural door to slide fully open. 

Agricultural Farm Doors

In these situations, the advice given, is usually to opt for a Roller Shutter Barn Door; which is more cost effective and also provides more space. 

To improve access, a larger opening was created here; in addition, a steel personnel door was put to the side for personnel access.


The Lotinga Doors Service

There are other types of agricultural farm doors such as Sectional Overhead Doors that can be installed on a barn premises.  For expert advice on the security of your premises and a quotation.

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