Personnel Doors

Do you have fire exits or personnel doors that open outwards? Are they constantly getting caught by the wind or forced back by heavy-handed personnel?

That was a regular experience for this customer.  A door beyond economical repair was the result of recurring damage.

A rubber doorstop on the floor could have been a solution, but this would have been a potential trip hazard. So, to avoid this happening again, Lotinga sourced a specific heavy-duty closure; as a result, their new personnel doors have remained damage free.

There are a variety of solutions to help avoid wind or other forms of damage.  Check out our Door Safety Systems Page for more information.

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And when it comes to safety, don't forget to ensure you carry out regular maintenance.  Regular servicing is a health and safety requirement.  Just like you would get a car MOT'd every year; Industrial Doors are classed as machines and must be maintained at least once a year.  For further information on this legal requirement, visit our "Law Around Industrial Doors" page.

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