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High Speed Doors

Speed doors are designed for excessive use. They dramatically reduce draughts and temperature loss and at the same time optimise traffic flow.

We have come away from recommending these traditional type of canvas speed doors as we find them costly to install and then costly to repair and parts have to be imported.  We can however provide you with quotations for these doors if you specifically request them.

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Logo Eco largeEco-Strip Roller Door

We have instead designed our own type of speed door which can be supplied and repaired at a fraction of the cost of similar type doors currently on the market.  Please see our Eco-Strip page for further details.

  • Eco Strip Roller Door

    Prompted by the cost of rising heating bills and the expense of high speed doors, Lotinga have designed the Eco-Strip:


  • Eco Strip Roller Door

    This combines a PVC Strip curtain with High Speed Activation but at half the cost of a traditional High Speed Door.


We are a member of the Door and Hardware Federation, a leading trade association for the UK's industrial and commercial door and shutter industry, if you wish to know more about the benefits of purchasing from a DHF Member please visit their website at:

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