Operation and Safety

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 Roller Shutter Door

 Safety Brakes  

Our roller shutter and sectional overhead doors are installed with safety brakes.  These prevent the doors from falling down in the event of a motor brake failing, conforming to BSEN 12604. 

Sectional Overhead Door

Photo Cells

When operating your door with a remote control, it is a compulsory requirement to have either Photo Cells or a Rubber Safety Edge installed to prevent the door from lowering onto an object or person.



Our roller shutters are operated in various ways.  Smaller shutters can be operated by means of pushing up and pulling down.  For large shutters manual operation is by means of a continous galvanised haul chain.  Electrical operation is by means of a single or three phase motor and gearbox.  All controls have open, close and emergency stop buttons as standard and incorporate an emergency haul override chain in the event of a power failure.  Various activation devices are available for electrical shutters.


Chain Operation

The weight of the curtains on our manually operated roller shutters are counter balanced by helical wound springs fitted inside the barrel assembly, which is supported between endplates and driven through gears.


Control Panel  


3 Phase Electrical Operation

 Operation and Safety


Free Safety Checks 

If you have an industrial door and are at all concerned about its safety, we are happy to come out and give you a free safety check.