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Speed Doors are designed for excessive use.  They dramatically reduce draughts and temperature loss and at the same time optimise traffic flow.

A new design by Lotinga providing a cheaper alternative to traditional High Speed Doors (please see our testimonials)

(These doors can also be provided in a basic non-high speed version)

IMPORTANT TO NOTE! Eco-Strip Doors must be raised and left up during gale conditions.


Prompted by the expense of high speed doors and the rising costs of heating, Lotinga have designed the Eco-Strip Roller Door as a more cost effective alternative. The strip roller door is basically a PVC curtain with a difference, it has the benefits of a standard PVC strip curtain but with the added advantage of an electronically driven roller system, therefore allowing the curtain to be raised and lowered when required.



Each door is individually designed to your own specification

Our New Eco-Strip Door in action. Low Speed Version.

Our New Eco-Strip Door in action. High Speed Version.

All our doors are hand made to each
customers individual specification



• Instant pass for people or vehicles (optional)
• Reduces heat loss
• Controls air and dust coming into the building
• Reduces noise pollution.
• Allows maximum natural light into the building.
• Manufactured from heavy duty and durable PVC.
• Energy saver
• High Speed (if required)
• Cheaper repair bills (if the curtain is damaged, only the damaged strips will require replacing, not the entire curtain)

Please come visit us (by appointment) and see our High Speed Eco-Strip Roller Door in action.


Allows Light In


          Fully Automatic                              Instant Pass

Helps Control Air and Dust

 Cheaper Repair Bills

Accessories / Operational Options

 Manual, 240v or 3 Phase operation available.


Push Buttons

 Control Panel with Push Buttons


Remote Control


 Key Switch


 Motion Sensor or Floor Loop Option

Safety Options

 Traffic Lights


Flashing Beacons

Safety Photo Beams 


Bottom Safety Edge



 If this new design is of interest to you please contact us for a quotation.

This Product is Design Protected.  Registration No. 4018522