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Operational Options


Guide Lock

Cylinder and Pin Lock

Ground Lock


Fully Armoured Padlocks, High Security,    6 Pin, Anti-Drill


Paddle Handle


External Briton Handle


Examples of Push Buttons and Key Switches

On electrically operated doors, push buttons come as standard, but for an additional cost a key switch or remote control system can be fitted.


Remote Control Unit

All remote control units come with 2 key fobs as standard.  Additional key fobs can be purchased on request.

Safety Requirements

When operating your door with a remote control, it is a compulsory requirement to have either Photo Cells or a Rubber Safety Edge installed to prevent the door from lowering onto an object or person. 


                 Photo Cells


Draught Excluders

Brush Strip (for the top and side of your door) and Bumper Seals (for the bottom) are a good energy saving option on both domestic and commercial doors.  No mechanical fixings are required.  The seals prevent draughts and help reduce door vibration, acting as an effective sealing choice.


Brush Strip                      



Bottom Seal with Brush Strip


Whilst the shutter is open, it is enclosed in a canopy box which provides additional protection for the barrel mechanism and also gives a more attractive finish.

This comes as standard on our aluminium doors, but can be provided as an optional extra on our steel doors.


Motor and Panel Covers


A range of locks are available, depending on the level of security you require for your door.  Below are just some examples.


Motor Cover Box

We can fabricate whatever type of steel box or cover you require 

Panel Cover Box