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Accessories (Optional Extras)

We offer a full range of optional extras, from additional security items to various operational choices.


Modes of Operation



Push Up / Pull Down  ♦

 ♦ Haul Chain




Electric doors are self locking via the motor.  Additional manual locks can be installed but a safety interlock switch will have to be included with them.

new-tube-motors    motor-cover-box    new-3ph-standard-motor-sml

♦ 240v Motor                                     ♦ Motor Cover Box                         ♦ 3 Phase Standard Motor

 Activation Devices (Examples)

 new-push-buttons    new-rocker-switch    vehicle-transmitter    new-key-switch-sml

♦ Push Buttons    ♦ Rocker Switch                    ♦ Vehicle Transmitter   ♦ Key Switch

new-remote-control    new-motion-sensor    new-proximity-reader

♦ Remote Control                     ♦ Motion Sensor                                   ♦ Proximity Reader

control-panel-eco-strip    panel-cover   electric-pvc-strip-door-key-pad

♦ Control Panel                  ♦ Control Panel Box             ♦ Key Switch Box

♦ Floor Loop Activation

Canopy Boxes

Protect the barrel and working parts

 new-canopy-02-sml         shutter-canopy-powder-coated-a1a


new-pin-lock  ♦ Pin Lock  new-ground-lock-sml   Groundlock-on-door


 Ground Lock ♦


new-ground-anchor-kit-safety-interlock-sml     interlock-note

Prevention of Draughts and Water Ingress

Brush Strip is designed to help prevent door vibration and draughts.


♦ Brush Strip  Bumper-Seal







Rubber Seal ♦

Rubber Seal is designed to help prevent water ingress.

 Wicket Gates

wicket-gate-kent-lightbox-04-smlWicket Gates provide a more convenient method of entering your building without having to raise your shutter or sectional door.








When installing a wicket gate on an electrically operated door, a Safety Interlock Switch will be required.  Please refer to our Safety page for more details.



Most of our doors come with a galvanised finish.  However, colour finishes are available in either plastisol, powder coat or painted finish.

These are example colours.  A full range of RAL colours can be found at


We are a member of the Door and Hardware Federation, a leading trade association for the UK's industrial and commercial door and shutter industry, if you wish to know more about the benefits of purchasing from a DHF Member please visit their website at:

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